Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mumtaz mahal and her legacy

Mumtaz mahal, she is very special feature in moghul period, her beauty, her commitment for royal moghul family,
                                           One thing I always astonished that how a woman impact extra ordinary in any man life specially  is very busy figure as like king.
                                          One reason I think is the tradition of moghul royal family. Right from gulbadan begam, she is skilled writer and have very sharp sight for upheavels in moghul family, hameeda bano begam, she belong to soofi tradition, and I have always feel strange when I think about janhaara begam, mixture of love, sympathy and truly symbol of soofi tradition.
                                              Mumtaz is like what we say chhui-mui. Her innocent and constant love towards khurram make the tradition of legacy which India always remember.