Monday, February 18, 2013

kumar gandharva

he is very special for me. he recreates kabir spiritualism for us. a question arise on my mind that why our educationalist do not include chapter of musician for us.only chapter i read in my hindi book is about ustad allauddin khan. in school i do not know even the name of kumar gandharva. after reading a poem of ashok vajpayee, i thrilled that any poet can write independent poem on any musician. it is great tribute to any poet to musician. yatindra mishra also wrote wonderful poem about girija devi.
                                                                                                                 it is our ignorance that we always criticise classical musician but it is great virtue for us when we give some time for it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

controversy about vishvaroopam

i am deeply embarrassed from the contemporary situation faced by country, some orthodox section of society create panic situation for all religious people. some fanatic element who do not know the real meaning of religion think that there thought process is perfect only and other are non sense. now it is high time for intellectual to come and direct nonviolent assault against them.
                                                                  remember it is our our duty to fight against fanatism, if we miss it, the ball is in the hand of other people which are also orthodox but follwing different camp.
                                   kamal hasan sahab whom give us wonderful film for indian cinema. how a person feel that he misinterpret any religion, if any one still feels that it is his fault so he is ready to cut the seen which some segment of society feel is objectionable.
                                                             it is shameful affair for our society that only one fanatic person either he is muslim or hindu give fatwa against any artistic depiction.
                                                                   please see the hussain sahab at last the greatest painter of india will live our country forever and now he never return, please let us fight to save koh-a-noor of indian cinema.