Friday, January 23, 2015

why jaipur literature festival is important for hindiwalah

it is really nice to seen jaipur literature festival coverage in hindi news daily dainik bhaskar, it was questionnaire session for prasoon joshi conducted by yatindra mishra,
prasoon joshi,  wonderful poet of our time bring lot of happiness for us. what are the features of his  writing, firstly his subject, he write about innocent children, he write about cheerful girl whom ultimate faith is just like nirbhya, one day she caught by the rapist in our city and villages, his sensitivity is not only confined up to india, it is worldwide, his sentiments even touch  neighbour  pakistan also which bloodbath india from long time, his poem after peshawar massacre of school children is one of the jewel of indian and international poetry.


he live in the advertisng world driven by greed but he remind as old saying of rahim chandan vish vyapat nahi lapte rahat bhujang.

equally great poet of our time is yatindra mishra, from rajbhawan of ayaodhya he create wonderful poetry for us. from ghalib to girija devi, he bring  ganga-jamuni culture for us.

Monday, January 12, 2015

one life is not enough- review

k natwar singh autobiography is very impressive and unforgettable due to three factors, his commad in simple english language, his extraordinary capability to draw instat picture of any character for his reader and lost his encounters with life which brings many story which only he convey for us.
 as an ifs his remarkable journey through out the world give him extra ordinary vision. perhaps i like special incident with his journey of  kabul with indira gandhi. one day indira takes him for long drive, there duo seen a tomb, she asked about it and we get the fact that it is tomb of babur . with extra ordinary wit he told to idira that he had the privilege to see the empress of India paying her respects to the first Mughal emperor!. striking another incident with sonia in vladimir a small town of russia where sonia father live as a war prisoner for some time.
his revelation that rahul is a voracious reader is amazing fact for us and also create doubt that how he could not turn his idea and learning in practical political life is in question but one clue that natwar gives us that sonia nature, answer of that question lay behind it.