Friday, November 30, 2012

when khushwant meet meena kumari

khushwant singh, man with innocent and golden heart, although at first glance he looked like a radical person but in his true spirit he follow the great tradition of india,
                                                                                     always he said that he does not believe in god but in his writing we seen the close appearance of god. if u dont believe in this , please see the translation of vaisno jan to tene kahiye by him.this is also example of perfect translation. he loves bapu gandhi and he through out admire of bapu gandhi style of journalism although it is the mix blend of khushwant style of sex and scotch journalism also.
                           if any one asked about me what is his best contribution to indian society, i just say, he is the mirror of indian rich intellectual class, he collected memories of 100 years, his memory expand from nazism to newly born modism.
                                     some time i feel, he exaggerate the situation and create false situation, i give u one example. when rafiq jakaria take him in rigal cinema, a beautiful woman sit beside him, she often smoke during play, atlast khushwant asked to her, who are u, she just said nothing and get annoyed than rafiq tell to him gadhe she is meena kumari. even it is not true khushwant will create nice fantasy for us.

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Arvind Mishra said...

Interesting memoir of an oldest young man of India!