Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a stammer diary

When I had 21 year old; I write a long dispatch; some thing very emotional and innocent in nature. Now in  2014 I remember that one. At that time I wish and think that in coming days a big opportunity wait for me. My heart is so kind at that time.
I love and fear God. Now I get that point Sourabh relaxed; there is queue of people which are more sinful than u. Some thing missing is the age of youth; full of love;  2 minutes memory of loved ones and than we sink in to great dream. Every day is new adventure.
What a contrast situation; your soul is so sweet but your body is not up to mark.your soul demand to meet with different fellow but body breaks that.
Even as intellectual I like the person whose body is in proper shape inspire his top floor is blank.

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