Saturday, November 22, 2014

trip to varanasi

During boating in Varanasi, two intresting  tell we heard from boat man. First tell is about neeta ambani who celebrate her birthday in ghat of ganges along with delegation of 65 person. They are stay in taj in and radision, per day rate is amazing 55 thousand rupees per room. Than a older one tell second type of visitor are made permanent structure for their visit. They made marvelous ghat near ganges , just near by dashashvmedh ghat they made by holker, scindia, rana, peshwa, kachhwaha, darbhanga, lalita of Nepal obvious next question to fisher man, now what is the situation in present, are there descendent visit here, his obvious answer is no. they sell there ghats, few day back  darbhanga ghat, have been sold out in 140 crores, how much he earn from boating? Replying to my question he said 10 thousand rupees daily more wage than any mnc offer.  As an old idiom in hindi sone ka suhaga , he is also a home behind dashashvmedh ghat, most premier location in Varanasi. His face is glowing with complete satisfaction. Satisfaction in both term in spiritually also he carry punya yatra for devotees daily.
Our boating is started from old rudr sarovar famous as dashashvmedh ghat , and this voyage itself turn in to beautiful experience,  beautiful  look of river view and equally beautiful demonstration of beauty by boatman, he describe us , gentleman this is bachua pandey ghat, this one is narad ghat, husband and wife are never bath here mutually unless there is big quarrel certainly happen in home. This one is made by peshwa, hope in this place during holy bath, moropant introduce laxmi bai to peshwa.  Next one is raja harishchandra ghat and home of dom raja, now the descendent of dom raja live hear. Behind it lalita ghat of princely state of Nepal. Before some time the next building of lalita mahal is widow ashram now it is dismantle and become a marvelous hotel. Next to it is manmahal great ghat made by king of jaipur mr. mansingh . just behind it jantar mantar made by great king sawai jaisingh 2.  Now mammahal is decorated by plaster of parice  but in effect it damage the beauty of manmahal, god knows it all ghat of banaras is sell like darbhanga and manmahal, than banaras finish. Just like patches in silk create bad test as it is silk in patches also leave bad test, old monument are sparkling with srange touch of history which feel only by lover of history, the tragedy of manmahal only feel by themselves.

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